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Meador, Lisle
Thomas, Beth
Assistant Principal

Office Staff

Hughes, Chrissy
Oswalt, Jackie
Curriculum Coach
Stubbs, Debra
Office Assistant
Thomas, Peggie

Support Staff

Banes, Lily
Christ, Sharron
Cleveland, Denise
Delgado, Lisa
Hudson, Coleen
Moore, Suzanne
Pratt, Kristen
Silba, Jessica
Sullivan, LaDonna
Taylor, Angelia
Thomisee, Rhonda
Tolbert, Carol
Walls, Kristi
Weber, Elizabeth

School Directory

Kindergarten Teachers

Allen, Miranda Teacher
Berry, Stacy Teacher
Cedars, Heather (318) 549-5958 Kindergarten Teacher
Culver, Lauren (318) 549-6004 Kindergarten Teacher
Dunklin, Christine Teacher
Hicks, Jenni (318) 549-5949 Kindergarten and First Grade Teacher
Houghton, Alaina (318) 549-5993 Kindergarten Teacher
Magee, Angie Teacher
McGee, Tina (318) 549-6002 Kindergarten Teacher
Newberry, Annette (318) 549-5947 Kindergarten Teacher
Nugent, Amanda ex.549-6965 Teacher
Reeves, LeighAnn (318) 549-5997 Kindergarten Teacher
Short, Tiffany (318) 549-6007 Kindergarten Teacher
Smothermon, Stacey (318) 549-6000 Kindergarten Teacher
Snider, Melissa (318) 549-5984 Kindergarten Teacher
Staton, Melissa (318) 549-6005 Kindergarten Teacher
Warren, Ashley Teacher

Pre-K Teachers

Brown, Katie Teacher
Dredge, Angie Teacher
Duncan, SandraD PreK
Hale, Augusta (318) 549-6967 Pre-K Teacher
Keel, Jamie Teacher
Moon, Patti Teacher
Perry, Becca Pre-K Teacher
Reeves, Rebecca (318) 549-5961 Pre-K Teacher

First Grade Teachers

Beaty, Kristi (318) 549-5964 Kindergarten Teacher
Bockhaus, Martha (318) 549-5973 1st Grade Teacher
Bridges, Molly Teacher
Brimer, Lauren Teacher
Burton, Joannie (318) 549-5981 First Grade Teacher
Carson, Jennifer Teacher
Hicks, Jenni (318) 549-5949 Kindergarten and First Grade Teacher
Hillman, Jennifer Teacher
Lowery, Shelley (318) 549-5976 First Grade Teacher
Marston, Shauna (318) 549-5967 First Grade Teacher
Marty, Sarah Teacher
Ockstadt, Kristen Teacher
Page, Tiffany Teacher
Pearson, Heather Teacher
Peppers, Janet (318) 549-5974 First Grade Teacher
Raley, Leslie Teacher
Roe, Gwenda (318) 549-5970 First Grade Teacher

Enrichment Programs

Bennett, Beverly Library
Braswell, Cindy P. E. Teacher
Brown, Carole Staff
Burgess, Donna P.E. Teacher
Choate, Barbara A.P.E.
Cord, Mary (318) 549-5968 Reading Enrichment Teacher
Hughes, Chrissy (318) 549-5966 Counselor
Hughes, Kathy (318) 549-5996 Speech
Kinney, Melissa (318) 549-5972 First Grade Teacher
SanAngelo, Jennifer Staff / ELL Teacher
Warren, Lindsey Speech
Woodall, Amy (318) 549-6154 Occupational Therapist